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Living on many floors

As is often the case in the historical core of Hallstatt, the building is clearly structured vertically rather than horizontally. Ruth's house has its main entrance on the ground floor, and a small veranda leads to the living room with kitchen, dining table and living area. Above that, on the top floor, there is a bed-sitting room with a small balcony, a shower and a washbasin. The bedroom in the basement, however, enchants with its lakeside balcony and stylish bathroom with bathtub. One more floor down, in the basement, you finally discover a cosy sauna that is located still high above the lake terrace. But then there is finally nothing below the lake terrace except the depth of the lake – due to so many views of the lake from all the rooms, the lake seems to belong to the house.

Four floors, with the terrace at the level of the lake, even five, mean many steps - it should be mentioned that this can be a challenge for people with limited mobility and for families with small children.


The living room

... is not only the entrance of the house, but rather the communicative centre of the house. This is where people cook and eat, perhaps stand at the kitchen counter with a glass of wine, sit together and talk at the dining table. Or you make yourself comfortable on the small sofa or the wing chair in front of the fireplace, read or listen to music – in short, this is a room to stay. You will also find a small, fine selection of books, games and CDs.


Sleeping under the roof

The attic is not only a beautiful bedroom with a spacious shower and lounge area, it is a retreat with a view over the lake, where the sloping ceilings and the warmth of the wood make you feel at home. There is also a small covered balcony and you can take a charming view from the bed through the small windows across the village.


Sleeping at the lake

The bedroom in the basement is still two storeys high above the lake. Through the door next to the foot of the bed you step out onto the balcony as if onto a pulpit above the deep blue water. From the bathtub next door you can watch the ships passing by in front of the window.


Azure bathroom

A small bathroom with a bathtub - what more do you need, except perhaps something of the loving design of Aunt Ruth, as people liked to call her: azure base tone in three shades and pieces of art put together with wit and charm.


The sauna in the old municipal jail

Isn’t it a fantastic story that this room should have been the village jail many years ago? Today you can find quiet and private moments there and take a look at the lake through the small window. However, entering the tiny room has remained difficult and you’ll have to keep your head down!


The lake terrace

Through a miniature garden with a fig tree and a clematis-covered wooden hut, you descend to this idyllic spot. Experience and enjoy the refreshing cool water of the lake while swimming or dive into it after the sauna. You will also find a brick-built charcoal grill and garden furniture for your perfect stay at the water.

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